Federer’s 30th final in Helmets and the battle for the first Helmet and the first line between Halep and Wozniacki

Roy Emerson is one of the Australian Open record holders

Roy Emerson and Novak Djokovic are the Australian Open record-holders in men’s singles titles. Each has six titles. On Sunday, January 28, Roger Federer, who has five wins so far, may join them. It is unlikely that tennis fans should represent Djokovic, and Emerson is one of the heroes of the Australian Open, whose game few have seen with their own eyes.

Roy Emerson has excellent performance statistics in the Helmets finals – 12-3. Any active professional will envy this ratio of victories and defeats. Interestingly, all three defeats were in a row and from the same person – Rod Laver. With the same Laver, Emerson won three times in a pair of Helmets. If Rod twice collected the “Grand Slam”, then Emerson had only one close season when he won three tournaments (all except Roland Garros – in 1964). But Emerson owns another landmark achievement: he won 28 Grand Slam tournaments in total. This is a record for an amateur. The open era began in 1968, and Roy added two more trophies in pairs to the collection.

An easy victory for Federer

Quite a few records and Roger Federer, who on Friday reached his 30th final at the Grand Slam tournaments. For men, this is a unique number: Rafael Nadal is second (23) and Djokovic is third (21). But three women more often found themselves in decisive matches: 34 finals with Chris Evert, 32 with Martina Navratilova and 31 with Steffi Graf. In terms of age, Roger is third in the Open Era if we are talking about the Australian Open. At a more respectable age, only Ken Rosewall and Mel Anderson reached the final.

In general, the men’s semi-finals turned out to be rather bland. Federer beat Jung Hyun in just an hour. The Korean made it clear from the very first games that he could not fully move and keep up with Federer’s pace. Too often, Hyun had to reach for the ball, and he could not offer anything to the Swiss. At 1: 6, 1: 4, Hyun called a doctor for calluses under his left big toe. Two doctors treated his leg at once. Chon returned to court, but with the score 2: 5, he decided to withdraw. After the match, it became known from the tennis player’s agent that the Korean had one corn on top of the other, so he had to cut them off, but now this place is just red mush. Roger wished his opponent to recover faster and said that he has potential in the top 10.

Cilic reached the third final of “Slam”

Federer’s rival in the final was Marin Cilic. His opponent, Kyle Edmund, also took a medical break at the beginning of the second set, but returned to court and finished the match. The whole meeting took place under the dictation of a Croat. He served better, hitting hard and flat on the right, and Edmund, whose forehand was excellent in the previous rounds, in particular in the game with Grigor Dimitrov, did not cause such inconvenience to his opponent that evening. Only in the second game a stubborn struggle ensued, but on the whole Cilic won himself more often and made less mistakes. Marin made it to his third Grand Slam finals quite easily – 6: 2, 7: 6 (7: 4), 6: 2.

In the final, of course, Federer will be the clear favorite. Sometimes it happens that the finalists find themselves in unequal conditions, because one of them plays a day later than the opponent. However, in this case, Roger spent a little over an hour on the court, so the physical factor should not come out on top. And personal meetings are an important indicator. Roger is 8-1 ahead, including 5-1 on hard and 3-1 on Helmets. Marina’s only success came to him at the 2014 US Open. He won three sets and then won his only “Helmet” so far. Tennis players have played and most recently – at the Final Tournament in London Federer won three games. You can also win by placing your bets wisely when you read the articles on the Parimatch blog.

Wozniacki claims first place and first “Helmet”

The first and second rackets of the world will compete for the trophy in the women’s category. The girls’ semi-finals turned out to be much more spectacular and interesting. In the first, Caroline Wozniacki seemed to be confidently going to the victory over Alice Mertens, but with the score 6: 3, 5: 4 and serving for the match, the Danish openly squeezed. Suddenly there were mistakes, Carolyn began to play too carefully and gave the initiative to her opponent. Mertens grabbed, she perfectly hit the right, took right through and had a wonderful segment. At some point, she won 16 goals out of 18, reached a double set point, but here Wozniacki turned on character. The Danish tie-breaker was much more confident – 6: 3, 7: 6 (7: 2).

“I think I got nervous when applying for the match. In the first three draws, I did everything right. I got two good serves, then I hit from the right along the line, but made a slight mistake. Instead of 40: 0, the score became 30:15, and everything changed immediately. But I was able to pull myself together and, fortunately, finish the meeting in two games “, – said Wozniacki after the game.

Halep and Kerber presented the audience with a tournament match

For the title and the first line, Caroline will compete with Simona Halep. Surprisingly, they’ve never played the Helmet before. Wozniacki, by the way, could already become the first, if Angelique Kerber realized a double matchball. This semi-final meeting, perhaps, became the game of the entire tournament. Although during the first game it seemed that Khalep would win easily. Kerber failed the start: she played passively and let Simone dictate her terms, and the Romanian did not make mistakes. Only at 5: 0 Halep made two doubles and allowed her opponent to return to the set.

Kerber took not just a “prestige game”, but as many as three games. She began to enter the court and clearly improved in comparison with what she showed in the opening. And yet it is difficult to recoup from 0: 5. In the second set, the German was also in the role of catch-up, but from the 1: 3 score she took five games out of the next six. In general, tennis was equal. Four games out of six reached the score “exactly”, that is, in theory, they could have ended in one direction or the other, but Kerber played better on key points.

The third set was the decoration of the meeting. The girls are already pretty tired, but they showed all the best that they have. Simona and Angelique presented the audience with a dozen amazing pranks, many of which were long exchanges on the back line. And these are not just throws to the wrong side, but attacks and counterattacks with running from corner to corner. Both took incredible defensive balls and drove the audience into ecstasy.

Add to that, the real beauty began at the very end, when the winner was impossible. Khalep at 5: 3 did not apply for the match, and at 5: 4 she missed a double matchball at the reception. A couple of minutes later, Kerber made a break, led 6: 5 and had a double matchball herself. Now Simone played well and got back the serve. At 8: 7 she had a third matchball, which could not be realized due to an error from the back line. And on the fourth, Kerber sent the ball out of court. With a score of 6: 4, 4: 6, 9: 7, Khalep won an incredible victory in both beauty and drama. The Romanian is the first tennis player in history to reach the Grand Slam final after playing matchballs in two matches (in addition to playing against Kerber, she eliminated the triple matchball against Lauren Davis).

In the final, one of the girls – Simona or Carolyn – will become the Slam champion. So far, both have lost two finals. In case of victory, the Romanian will remain the first, and Wozniacki will return to the highest level of the rating when winning the title.

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