The Queue, or how to get to Wimbledon. Tennis Fan Instruction

Every tennis lover can get to Wimbledon and we will tell you how to do it

If you ask the British how much tickets to Wimbledon cost, they will answer that they are priceless. The most famous tennis tournament is still just a dream for many tennis fans, but we have trodden a path on it and will try to make it closer to our fans. This is where the Parimatch bookmaker’s website will help – On it, you can place a winning bet and get money for a ticket.

So, Wimbledon itself is located on the outskirts of London, the most convenient way is to go to it by subway, which is called Underground. The metro is very extensive and covers all areas of the city. It is optimal to look for a hotel or apartment (as it later turned out, this option is cheaper and better) along the District Line metro line, where the Southfields station is located – the closest to the courts and the queue, the very The Queue.

Additional Wimbledon-branded buses run directly to the stadium. If you come for a few days, I recommend buying an Oyster card – with it all trips are cheaper (including, for example, a walk on the Thames – it works for everything). You can use a taxi service. The famous black cabs are expensive, but Uber is much cheaper.

If you want to be guaranteed to get to Wimbledon without overpaying, it makes sense to go for the first week – you will see more matches and are more likely to get to games with participation their idols.

Now about the main thing – tickets. There are several official ways of acquiring, briefly about each.

Public Ballot (lottery). Registration for participation from December 1 to 15 on the official Wimbledon website Wimbledon. We participated (10 people) – nobody won.

Debenture (re-purchase from ticket holders – Wimbledon Debenture Holders). Tickets can be purchased from the holders of “seasonal cards”, who redeem the opportunity to purchase them for several years (debenture). The cost of tickets is 3-10 times higher than at the box office. For example,

Wimbledon Queue. The famous queue, in which you have to stand for several hours and you can buy a ticket for the current day. The procedure for purchasing a ticket in The Queue is as follows. You receive the Queue Card from the stewards after standing first. Then you line up in the second, at the end of which you go through full control of all things, after which you purchase the cherished tickets at the box office, showing the Queue Card. One ticket in one hand and standing “one for all” will not work.

Types and cost of tickets for the first week in 2018:

  • destinations from 3 to 19 without a seat – 25 pounds for the whole day and 18 pounds for half a day – after 5 pm
  • court 2 – 50 pounds
  • court 1 – 60 pounds
  • center court – 100 pounds

Tickets for the central courts need to come at 2-3 a.m. or spend the night in a park in a tent (there is a whole tent city in the park next to The Queue – for romance lovers).

On the first day I arrived at 17:00 and my room was 12 284 (we defended only an hour and a half, but it was already the end of the day), the second day – we arrived at 12 o’clock and received the number 10 546 (4 hours in line), on the third I arrived at the first metro at 6:30 and my number was 6 329 (5 and a half hours in line, but most of the day on the courts). Games in the first week start at 11:30.

The Queue

The Classic Wimbledon Queue (capitalized only after staying in it) is organized in the park on lawns, divided into rows (flags checked). Being in Q, you are imbued with its spirit – everyone is equal in it, no one rushes forward and you get the feeling that this is one of the manifestations of Freedom.

As an off-top, I will add that in London, queues are everywhere, and many of them are created artificially in order to stir up interest in an event or place. Marketing 80 lvl. We managed to talk in the Queue with stewards, colleagues from other countries, policemen, everyone is happy to make contact – everything is very simple and friendly.

The organization of The Queue itself is at a high level – food points, free water, toilets … You can lie on ottomans or buy souvenirs “on the way” for those who do not want to waste time at Wimbledon. You need to take water, food, bedding, sunscreen, an umbrella, various games (from board games to frisbee and a soccer ball) to the Queue.

In conclusion about the Queue, I will say this: even if you have tickets for all matches, come and feel The Queue, this is a separate incomparable experience of Wimbledon.

When the happy moment comes and you find yourself in the tennis holy of holies, at first a feeling of euphoria comes over, and then the question “Where run? ” Wimbledon is a whole city with its shops, cafes, museum, press center, courts and even your own lawn (where you can watch matches on the big screen from the central courts, if you didn’t get there).

So, first you need to look at the scoreboard for the schedule of the current and next matches, choose what to watch for yourself (this is in case a ticket is not for one of the central courts, but for ground courts from 3 to 19). Next, look for the required court (signs are installed everywhere), wait for the transition, if the match is already underway, and go to the court.

Officially, at the special ticket office “Tickets for resale” in the territory of Wimbledon, tickets are resold according to the following scheme. Some of the spectators leave one of the central courts, while giving a ticket to the steward, who informs the ticket office about the vacant seat. This ticket can now be redeemed. It is interesting that back in 2017 they cost 5 pounds, and in 2018 they are already 25, but the queue for them is also very long.

Now about unofficial sources. You can try to negotiate with the stewards if there are empty seats in the stands of the central courts. Thus, we managed to get to the 2nd court, but not to the 1st and Central courts.

You can also ask to get tickets for our players who are playing in the tournament. And, finally, look for friends who work at Wimbledon and can get tickets. So they helped me get a “Resale ticket” for Central Court for the Djokovic match in the 3rd round. Well, if you want the cherry on the cake as an autograph or a photo of your idol, you need to be on duty under the press center. Trophy from Wimbledon-2018 – Roger’s autograph.

One conclusion: if you want to get to Wimbledon – come! If you want to get not just to Ground courts, but to the central courts with your favorite tennis players – the probability is high, there are many opportunities. Come On!

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